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What we do?

At India CSR Center, we help companies manage emerging social risks, making sure the  companies get a social license to operate. We specifically design CSR activities for every company, strengthening the brand image for consumers, employees, and suppliers.

We ensure to help you enhance the image of your company, which will help in the long run. In the coming years, we will strive to contribute to the growth of the country by reaching out to the needy and less privileged people through innovative and sustainable initiatives.

Core values:

  • Sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Trust

Core areas of activity:

  • CSR policy formation- Driving CSR initiative
    The company’s law 2013 clearly states that every company should formulate and publish its CSR policies. Our team expertise’s in ideating and innovating customized policies for every company according to their core competency.
  • Planning and implementation
    Impacting the bottom of the pyramid for a sustainable business is our core idea. Strategic planning and implementation of CSR activity involves research and ground work. Our team at ICSRC has stalwarts who expertise in bottom up implementation of CSR initiatives.
  • Impact assessment/CSR audit/ Social audit and social accounting
    Know the impact of your initiatives. Is it superficial or is it really affecting the focus groups. Our team has certified social auditors with enormous experience in impact assessment and social accounting.
  • Annual CSR reporting
    Publish your annual CSR reports and increase your social index with all the share holders and stake holders.